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اسلامیہ سکول کوئٹہ بلوچستان
The Great Golden Students Of 1981 عظیم گولڈن طالب علم 1981
Islamia School Quetta       The Great Golden Student Of 1981            اسلامیہ اسکول کوئٹہ          عظیم گولڈن طالب علم 1981

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Wellcome  To Islamia School Quetta Baluchistan

Baluchistan The Land Of Gold & United


There are multiple schools and colleges of government as well as of private sector from where youth of Baluchistan is availing education.

Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan. It has different good and standard educational institutes. These institutes include schools, colleges and universities. They all have their own importance and giving their services in the different areas of the Quetta city. It includes army schools too. Islamia Girls College and Islamia School for Girls and boys are one of these institutes.

Islamia High School Quetta was established on 15th May, 1910 A.D and due to efforts of Anjuman-e-Islamia the number of students increased vigorously in April 1933.This was the prove of their dedicated and self less services for education in Baluchistan. In the 1935 earth quake as all Quetta was destroyed this institute also suffered and the whole school was completely collapsed. This collapse of Islamia School Quetta’s building could be the full stop in educational activities but good cause always owns the courage for its doers too so the school was rebuilt from the same old bricks and hence continued their noble aim of educating people. The best thing about Islamia Schools and Islamia Girls College is that they not only educated the youth but they also considerate on the character building of individual. Promotion of Islamic Teachings in lives of youth is one of the main objectives of this chain of institutions. No doubt Islamia Schools and Islamia Girls College is the unique blend of modern technological studies with Islamic teachings.

Different well known personalities have visited this institute so far which reflects its importance in educational scenario of Pakistan in general and Baluchistan in particular. In 1942 Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (R.A) visited Islamia High school Quetta and during his visit his honourable Mr. Jinnah (R.A) said “I am very happy to visit this junior Ali Garh.” Quaid-e-Azam’s these historical lines marked the history for Islamia schools.



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